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Thursday, April 2, 2009
Aspiration ~ a will to succeed
ambition: a cherished desire; "his ambition is to own his own business"

Inspiration ~ arousal of the mind to special unusual activity or creativity
a product of your creative thinking and work.


The resemblance? You need them both to be- or become a writer. My head starts spinning, how do I become a writer when I need both at all times? I need to be able to write whenever an article is needed, I will have deadlines, I won't be able to decide when to write myself.. I do have aspiration to become a writer, but there is so much competition. Will I be able to remain standing? Will I have inspiration at any time? I cannot imagine.

And another thing, what exactly do I want to write about? I would love to have my own column, but I would have to be welknown- or better yet: famous or wanting to write about sports or economy to make that happen. I would love to write scenarios, but you will not get a job like that without any experience. And how does one get experience any way without getting a job because of lack of experience?

These are all kinds of questions that keep playing over and over in my head, it drives me crazy not knowing what my future will look like. Can I do it, am I really able to do it? Or is it just a dream, never to come true, or a goal that I will never reach? It is very frustrating to just not know. At this very moment I do have aspiration and inspiration, which moved me to create a brand new blog, I haven't had one for a year now. I will keep everyone that's reading posted about my -hopefully- upcoming carreer as a writer, and hope to make my first dream come true by getting accepted at the school of writing in a year.

Until that time, I will write, and I will do it here. I hope to get honest opinions and nice comments from every person that reads my blog, feedback helps me clear my head. I will tell you a bit about myself, but I do not have any inspiration to do that right now. ;-)

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