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Friday, December 4, 2009
Absolutely ~ definately and completely; unquestionably
no doubt about that, certainly.

Fabulous ~ barely credible; astonishing
extremely pleasing or succesful.


Once upon a time there was British tvshow about a group of women, called 'Absolutely Fabulous'. The millions of viewers of this show loved the adventures of Eddie, Saffy, Patsy and their senile mothers and starstruck secretaries. In my most humble opinion this show was absolutely fabulous indeed.

But why did the name of the show refer to those women? Nobody would want a life like Eddie's, Saffy's, Patsy's, let alone the life of their senile mothers. Eddie and Patsy were both over forty, alcoholics and used all kinds of drugs. Eddie was even a mother with a midlife-crisis "on the side", and Patsy couldn't keep one single relationship, and therefore slept with younger men.

They certainly weren't succesful, but they were extremely pleasing; to the viewers that was, myself included.

This got me thinking, the definition of fabulous shouldn't be called a definition. It should be called a point of view. Everybody has his or her own opinion on what is or isn't fabulous, right? I think my life is fabulous, and I'm no alcoholic, drugaddict, mother or nymfphomaniac. I'm not extremely succesful, and you readers are the ones to judge if I am pleasing or astonishing.

You can have a fabulous life who ever and how ever you are. As I have written before: people have to create their own luck. I myself am an extremely hardworking student, I'm not able to spend too much money and do not have a very social life these days; but my amazing friends and family, and of course my aspiration and inspiration make my life absolutely fabulous. I wouldn't want it any other way.

Eddie, Saffy, Patsy and their senile mothers and starstruck secretaries got canceled, but they inspired me to write this; so they have been here for plenty of reasons, aside of being extremely pleasing.

To you, my reader: you are absolutely fabulous, and you make my life astonishing.

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