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Thursday, May 6, 2010
Twitter ~ a state of tremulous excitement
to talk lightly and rapidly, esp. of trivial matters; chatter.

Tweet ~ to make a sound
a weak chirping sound, as of a young small bird.


A year and a half ago I had never heard of microblogging and when I did hear about it I did not want to participate in any form of it, period. I thought it was rediculous, a waste of time and I especially found it stupid. I thought updating my Facebook, Myspace and Hyves was enough of sharing as it was and when I heard about this website called Twitter I swore I would never ever create an account on that website.

Then Twitter started to get more and more popular, Twitters´ growth became newsworthy and was generating press interest, and honestly; my interest grew along with all it's media attention. At that point there was only one person I knew that "tweeted", and when I asked him about it my prejudice appeared to be nonsense and I decided to give it a go. I registered on Twitter on April Fools' last year, and soon I found a few interesting people to "follow" on there. Before I knew it I had gotten to know some great people on there and I am actually still in contact with those I love.

For some reason I found the hundredandforty characters limit to be somewhat interesting. After I had been tweeting for a while I caught myself on even sort of thinking in hundredandforty characters. At first I thought it was a signal for me to get taken into Twehab, but apparently a lot of my friends started suffering from the same symptoms.

Randomly I posted what I wass thinking about, or what I was doing at that moment. For some reason people seemed to find my tweets interesting and meanwhile I must have spoken to hundreds of people on there. Do not ask me why, but at this very moment there are over eighthundredandfifty people finding my tweets worthy of showing up in their timelines, and most importantly I have really made some true friends. I just want to give those that I have met on there a big shoutout, as they truly enrich my daily life, and have become the people that have gotten to know me much better than a lot of so called friends in real life.

I love that you are all wonderful, intelligent, funny and brighten up any sad moment I choose share. A lot of people will probably not understand why we would contact people that we have never really met or seen, but as long as we know we can count on eachother. Cheers to all of you, I love you, and see you out on Twitter!

PS: I do realize this blog is a very badly written one, I've still got a fever and haven't really looked it over. Promise to write a better one next time!

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